SignWriting Workshop in Japan

Mark Penner pennermnm at YAHOO.CO.JP
Mon Feb 24 02:00:53 UTC 2003

At 08:16 03/02/21 -0800, you wrote:
> I would like to ask a question....Do you think lessons on a CD would be
> useful in Japan? The reason I ask is that I now have a way to put all
> kinds of different textbooks onto a CD...I was thinking of asking
> different SignWriting authors if they would like to have their
> textbooks on CD? So I asked Antonio Carlos in Brazil yesterday and he
> was eager to send me the files immediately! I told him to wait briefly,
> until I can catch my breath!

Sounds like a wonderful idea to me. I'll ask our group when we meet
tomorrow. But it will be quite a while before we have a book ready.


Mark and Mary Esther Penner
Tokyo, Japan
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