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Brendan Ryan bjr5096 at RIT.EDU
Fri Feb 28 20:27:28 UTC 2003

> Now...Brendan - I remember you once asked me for source code - do you
> still want the SW 4.4 source code for DOS? I can send it to is
> written in old Microsoft Pascal and Assembly Language - in other words
> - it is very old and out of date...I can also send you the FileMaker
> developper specs, but that takes a specific skill in FileMaker database
> programming....

Ok, I would like to see the old sources, just to see how it's structured
and see how sgn files are read and written.  I think that I read
somewhere that sgn files can't be longer than a certain limit.  Am I
right?  Maybe it's just because of the file header of sgn files having a
number that says how big it is.  Maybe that number can only be so big
and using a bigger data type for that number would help.  Looking at the
sources would reveal if this is the case.  The signwriting program
doesn't work on my windows xp system so maybe I could figure out what
part of the program to rewrite so it could be used on windows xp until
signwriting 5.0 comes out.  Or would it be easier to work around that by
using something like FreeDOS?
I don't know about Filemaker database programming so you don't need to
send anything about that.
Thanks for making a wonderful way of writing sign language. :D  The
librarian of deaf history, resources, etc at my university already knew
about sign writing when I asked her about it and she said that it was
fascinating. :)
Brendan Ryan

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