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January 16, 2003

On Thursday, January 16, 2003,  Ronald Dettloff wrote:
> I have sign bank but I don't understand how it is better than DOS.
> Please
> explain how it can help us.

Hello Ron and Everyone!
Yes. I saw your question yesterday and I answered it. But I will try
again here...

1. SignWriter DOS and SignBank 2002 are two separate programs with
separate purposes - Neither one is "better" than the other one....they
are designed to do "different" things.

2. Please keep using SignWriter DOS. It is for typing.

3. SignBank 2002 is NOT a typing program. It is a large library of
information. Each library is called a "database".

4. SignBank 2002 offers these libraries:

Symbol Library called "SymbolBank".
Sign library called "SignBank Portal".
Lessons library called "Lessons".
And a place to add information to the library, called "SignBank Editor".

When you visit SignBank, it is like entering a Library building. You
can search for symbols, search for signs, compare signs with signs from
other countries, look at illustrations, look at video, look at Sign
Spellings, search by symbols, etc etc...

So SignWriter DOS is our typewriter, but SignBank 2002 is an empty
library, that we need to fill with data in 2003...

Do you understand better, Ron? Feel free to ask more questions -
Everyone is welcome to do that...

I want the SignBank libraries to become very useful for everyone, but
it will take some time for us to add the data - once the library
databases are full we will have a wonderful source of information ...

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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