sign languages in email?

Wayne Smith wayne at MRLANGUAGE.COM
Sun Jan 19 18:14:57 UTC 2003

Valerie wrote:
"...we do not have [a] way to type SignWriting inside an email message, there will be a day when that happens... "

     But it's certainly not too difficult to attach an .sgn file to an e-mail, so you could always do it that way.

"...So just as typing Chinese in email does not happen everyday in the United States, it may actually be happening elsewhere and we don't realize it..."

     Oh it is.  I have sent and received any number of e-mails in Chinese.  It's simply a question of having a program that will enable the input directly.  Global Office from and NJStar Communicator from are two programs that come to mind, the former for any of 100+ languages, the latter for E. Asian languages specifically.  Maybe one of these companies might be willing to include SignWriting someday.

      - Wayne

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