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Mon Jan 20 22:55:24 UTC 2003

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January 20, 2003

someone asked...
> what is an .sgn file?

On January 20, 2003, Wayne Smith wrote:
>  An .sgn file is one created using the SignWriting program available 
> for download at the site.  Current version is 
> 4.4.  Any files created by that program could be sent as an attachment 
> to an e-mail, and in this way it is possible to do e-mail in 
> SignWriting.
>      - Wayne Smith


Val wrote today:
Thanks Wayne, for bringing this up...Good explanation ;-)

Yes...a .SGN file is a typed document in SignWriting, typed with the 
SignWriter 4.4. computer program, so people type their email in 
SignWriter, and then attach the SGN file to an email message. Or you 
can create a GIF or a JPEG or a PNG, and attach it to email.

You can download our free software on the web:

SignWriter DOS 4.4

SignBank 2002

If you need technical help, ask your questions to the List -

Val ;-)
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