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Mon Jan 20 22:12:22 UTC 2003

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January 20, 2003

On Monday, January 20, 2003, at 01:45 PM, Antony Daamen wrote:
> I presume I am an editor? sorry for all these silly questions, wasting 
> your time.... 
> But Australian signs coming up!!  We have here a 3000+ auslan 
> dictionary, so I will have plenty of fun!!

Hello Antony and Everyone!
That is not a silly question... The "Editor" password gives you the 
ability to make changes and additions to the dictionary, so yes...if 
you will be adding signs then you are an Editor.

The Reader password does not allow the Reader to make any changes...but 
they can read, sort, print and search the entire database.

By the way....a short my parents are packing to fly back 
to Florida, where they live, so tomorrow morning at 5:30 I will be 
driving them to the airport for an early flight...I thought you might 
be interested in some of the new technological developments...Yesterday 
we bought my parents a computer - We went to the Apple Store in 
downtown San Diego, where you can sit and use their computers all day 
if you want. My Mom chose the eMac, and I asked them to configure the 
computer for them, so when it arrives on their doorstep in Florida, it 
will be ready to go. My mother is a hearing woman who writes poetry, 
but now that she is older, it is harder for her to type because her 
hands tremble sometimes. So I asked the Apple technicians to install a 
computer program called Via Voice, and we also purchased a Head today I tested it - my goodness it is amazing...the person 
speaks into this headset so that the software "recognizes" your 
voice...and then you can dictate complete long paragraphs and it turns 
it into typed text...already typed for you! So now I am thinking of the 
future for SignWriting and Sign Languages...I know we have discussed 
this idea before...but wouldn't it be wonderful if we could sign 
something on a camera attached to the computer and it would turn it 
into written SignWriting? Is there "Sign Language Recognition Software" 
developed yet? I know people are working on it...if so then later we 
could try to coordinate it with SignWriting...  Ha! One more project - 
eeeek - smile  Val ;-)
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