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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Mon Jan 20 23:43:49 UTC 2003

Hi Wayne, Valerie and listmembers -

so good to hear from you again after a looooong time ;-)) ,

love to read that you like my artwork - if you are interested - there are
soooo many more objects already prepared or still in my head - ha -

This one shows that SignWriting and GebaerdenSchrift is one and the same - a
movement writing system that combines different symbols just as any other
written languages does  with letters -
To me it is like magic that the more I dive into it - the more I would like
to learn and understand ;-)

The graphik shows the symbols for SignWriting and GebaerdenSchrift falling
into the Zylinder ;-))

Hi Valerie - thank You so much for your lessons regarding SignBank - the
attached gifs are very welcome ;-) As soon as I have been successful I will
let you know ;-))

Stefan ;-))

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  Betreff: News from a lurker

  Valerie and all!
        I apologize for being such a lurker. I've been very busy with my
school (www.mrlanguage.com) and with teaching ASL 101 and 102 classes for
the local branches of the University of Maine at Augusta, but I've been
following the conversations daily.  You are all doing such a wonderful job
of developing something that will be an incredible tool for research, sign
language teaching and learning, communication, and who knows what else.
       I thought I'd share with you that I'll be mentioning SignWriting
during my presentation at the first ever Conference on Taiwan Sign Language
Linguistics to be held at Chungcheng University in Minhsiung, Taiwan on
March 1-2.  I've been asked to give an extended presentation on all research
that preceded my own and do an overview of all of the work that has occurred
in the past twenty years on TSL by myself and others.  Among the other
presenters are: Scott Liddell of Gallaudet University, Susan Duncan of the
University of Chicago, and Jean Ann of SUNY (?) Oswego, as well as Jim Tai
of Chungcheng University and a number of researchers from Taiwan.  I have
had little time to do much with SignWriting in TSL recently, but still
strongly feel that it is the way to go.  I see it as a wonderful tool that
can be used in the preparation of instructional materials for TSL, ASL, or
any sign language.  Stefan has certainly proven that in Germany (Stefan: I
love your SignWriting art work and animations!!).
       Just thought I'd drop a note to say "Hello!"
          - Wayne
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