AW: Thank you for telling me you can use SignWriter Java!

Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Wed Jun 4 20:14:45 UTC 2003

Hi Valerie, Bill, Stuart, Mark, Dan and other enthusiasts -

just would like to share my progress in working with SignWriter Java  -

first of all - I can convert even long documents from SW 4.4   to the new
converted format -

and there are only very few symbols that need a second "polish up routine"
... ;-))

Well there has been a problem because of the left border - the first symbol
is pushed very far to the left - so there is
not a millimeter space -

but today I found a solution !!! in order get fine  screenshots for other
documents that finally can be printed !

Look at the attached gif  that shows an example of my document that is
prepared for my young students - signed German is to be translated in
German -
My students will read the document just as if they are reading a German text
!  I am experimenting with different writing styles  ( more or less
Mundbilder - ) But that is a different subject ....

Keeping in mind this problem I leave the first "imaginary box in my SW44
document open "  (just type the space bar )

2) After converting to a SW55 document I get the impression as if there is
more space in one line - at least on my large screen - (ha) -

3) Well - now I switch to typing words and with the help of the space bar I
have got no problem to set the left margin where I want to so
   that the following line is wonderfully in a line  -  and - that is an
advantage it looks much better to have some space on the left of the

4)  There is a problem to find the "Umlauts and sharp S " of the German
Language -  but I can find the words - or - if the problem cannot be solved
without too much trouble I should insert my entries with ae or ss and that
would help ;-))

The routine to correct the signs that are not converted properly takes some
expereince - but I feel experienced now to get it down in a reasonable time!

I still try to find out some special problems - but I am confident that I
will be successful.

Even if the program is not perfect right now - it is a major advantage - and
it is so easy to create wonderfull looking documents -

Keep you informed ;-))

Stefan ;-))

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Valerie Sutton
Gesendet: Dienstag, 3. Juni 2003 01:21
Betreff: Thank you for telling me you can use SignWriter Java!

SignWriting List
June 2, 2003

Hello Everyone, and Stefan!
Many thanks for informing me that you could get SignWriter Java to
work. What a miracle! Just three days ago I did not know it worked at
all on Windows, so this is really a wonderful gift from heaven. And
yes, it is a major gift from me to you too, since I have not been paid
at all this year, and SignWriter 5.0 has been a painful chapter in
software development for me...I cannot tell you how many features I
have prayed for, and most programmers didn't really want to do it...but
today I begged our last programmer to at least make it possible for Mac
OS X users to re-size the dictionary window, and he did it with a quick
fix to the source code - very easy - but if I hadn't begged him, on the
Mac we would still be struggling - so I am grateful you are willing to
understand that it is not perfect - I pray that Dan and Daniel, and
others, will be able to fix each little problem, one by one...

For now, everyone, I have posted a good portion of the source code on
the web - there are still a few sections that need to be posted, but
programmers... if you want to go look - go to the download page to
download the sources...

And thanks once again, Stefan, for showing me that you can print...I
cannot print anything at the moment, even though I did two versions the printing needs to be stablized - this will take time, but
now at least you have the good looking symbols and people can do things
themselves now - thank goodness!!

I am going to take the evening for myself and see if I can do the
impossible - namely relax and try to be good to myself - now that I
have given to you, I need to learn to give to me...hmmmm....what should
I do with myself? I can try to dance around the living I did
thirty years ago

Val ;-)


On Monday, June 2, 2003, at 03:32 PM, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:

> Dear Valerie,
> thanks so much for your decision to give us the chance to experiment
> with SW
> 5.0 -
> I spent some time on working with it today - Mac X - version after I
> downloaded the java - program
> (Win 98 and Win XP )
> - I had no problem to resize the dictionary window to what size I
> wanted
> - I could change the view preferences
>    - menus ( I prefer menu in sign and words - later I will change to
> signs
> ;-))
>    - type left to right could not be changed ..
>    - large fonts could not be changed -
>             does this option influence the printed output ? If so -
> can I
> change that in the "Locale Properties Folder " ?
>    - colors can be changed - but grey, black and white are fine !!
> There is a wonderful advantage that it seems to be so easy to create
> very
> quick nice looking gifs of the document-
> Well - for now there are printing problems -
> I could not print anything directly but managed to print via Adobe
> Distiller -
> the resulting document shows "very large" symbols - and there is no
> room
> left on the left side  -
>  (I  attached the pdf - file - so You can see, what I am talking about)
> (I bet that the program will allow different printing formats in the
> future
> , which would be very helpful in ordr to create the excercise - sheets
> for
> my class. )
> The screenshts look great and are most welcome to create nice looking
> graphics for my website !
> So thats it for today - thanks very much again for your gift ...
> Have a great day
> Stefan ;-)
> I could convert SW.44 files in SW 5.0 if I rename the files before - no
> capital letters allowed ( aha !!)
> I could work with the German dictionary  - a lot of fun -
> I could
> - of course I realized that there is a printer problem
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> Von: SignWriting List [mailto:SW-L at ADMIN.HUMBERC.ON.CA]Im Auftrag von
> Bill Reese
> Gesendet: Montag, 2. Juni 2003 16:06
> Betreff: Re: Bug...ASL Dictionary Windows refuses to resize....
> Val,
> I'm using a 19" monitor with a screen resolution of 1280x1024.  I have
> a
> lot of area on my monitor.  When I opened SignWriter Java's dictionary
> window it was very long but still fit within the bounds of the monitor.
>  I was able to resize it without a problem.
> A method I use in Win98SE when a window is too large to fit on the
> screen, is to drag one edge of the window to the edge of the monitor.
> This will resize the window, even if it is almost off the monitor's
> screen.  Then I move the window into the screen area.  I repeat this
> until the window fits within the screen.  I'm not sure if this works on
> a Mac.
> Bill
> Valerie Sutton wrote:
>> SignWriting List
>> June 2, 2003
>> Dear Philippe and Everyone -
>> I am answering this tech support question to the List because I know
>> others will find the same problem in SignWriter Java. For reasons
>> unknown to me, as soon as Java 1.4.1 was released, a lot of the
>> previous problems in SignWriter Java went away...but several new
>> problems started too...and this is one of the new problems that Java
>> 1.4.1 seemed to create...
>> When you open the dictionary, the dictionary window is supposed to be
>> fairly small, with buttons on the bottom of the dictionary window, for
>> Insert, Cancel, Next, Previous and Lookup. With all other
>> dictionaries,
>> such as the Norwegian dictionary, those buttons show up fine, but the
>> ASL dictionary has a problem...the dictionary window extends off the
>> screen, and the buttons are hidden from view, and it refuses to let
>> you
>> resize the dictionary window so you can see the the
>> window
>> resizing has a bug in it related to the ASL dictionary only - can you
>> believe?
>> For now, when using the ASL dictionary, you will have to use
>> keystrokes
>> instead of those buttons...If you want to insert a sign from the
>> dictionary into your document, then tap the Enter Key once or twice
>> and
>> it will insert....sometimes you will have to do it twice...for Next
>> and
>> Previous, use the PageUp and PageDown keys. For Lookup, type the word
>> in the dictionary and press return or enter and that will look the
>> sign
>> up for you. So you can do everything without the buttons for now,
>> until
>> the bug can be fixed!
>> Val ;-)
>> -----------------------
>> On Monday, June 2, 2003, at 05:30 AM, Philippe Gallant wrote:
>>> Valerie,
>>> I did download again and use the new version.  I played a little then
>>> I noticed at the dictionary, when I type a word and I see signwriting
>>> symbol but I dont see the buttons on the bottom because the window
>>> went way below of my window.  I am using MAC 10.2.6.
>>> Thank you,
>>> Philip
>>> On Sunday, June 1, 2003, at 08:29  AM, Valerie Sutton wrote:
>>>> Dear Stuart and Phillipe -
>>>> An updated version of SignWriter 5.0 for the Macintosh is now
>>>> available for download....
>>>> Download SignWriter MAC
>>>> I know you already downloaded it, but you will need to start again
>>>> and download again...This is a better version now. Plus there is a
>>>> manual, with instructions. I would LOVE your feedback!
>>>> Val ;-)
>>> Philippe Gallant
> <danke sw50.pdf>
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