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June 11, 2003

On Wednesday, June 11, 2003, at 01:08 AM, Borg Karl at MRI wrote:
> First of all I congratulate you for all works you had done on
> signwriter java.
> Yesterday I download SW java and it works on WIN98 but there is a
> problem for
> printing but I can solve it by insert space bar on the left of the
> page. Anyway,
> I would like to ask you if there is need to download java 1.4.1 or
> not? since I
> am not sure if I have already Java  1.4.1 in my computer, because I do
> not
> understand what is it? Many thanks, Karl, (from Malta)


Hello Everyone and Karl!

First, Karl, congratulations on your newly-published Maltese Sign
Language Dictionary which includes SignWriting...You did an excellent
job and I am so proud to show it to people when they come to visit me!

Regarding SignWriter Java...I am glad you downloaded it.

I don't think you need to download Java 1.4.1, if SignWriter Java is
already opening on your computer....Some people cannot open SignWriter
Java, so in those cases, they need to download Java, but that is not
your problem...thank goodness!

What is Java, you ask? Smile....Java is a computer programming language
that is changing the way computers communicate. Java makes it possible
to have "cross-platform" that is why we chose Java to
re-program SignWriter DOS back in 1996....we wanted to have a program
that worked for both Macintosh and Windows and other operating systems
too, so it seemed logical to use Java...The problem is....we started
SignWriter Java back when Java was a very new programming language, and
at that time, there was no way to program "printing" in we
never got it to print. Then, time went by, and now there are ways to
program printing in Java, but we never got a programmer to make that
happen, so that is why it is not printing right are not
alone! In fact, on the Mac right now, it doesn't print at all...

But from what you say above, by pushing the sign away from the left
margin, you were able to print? That is good information, although it
did not solve my problem on my Mac...

So we hope to make SignWriter Java better, and that is why I asked
everyone to give me a list of their problems. You will see I am listing
SignWriter Java problems on this web page:

SignWriter Java To-Do-List

Printing is the first on the To-Do-List!

I hope SignWriter Java will be a blessing for you and your Maltese Sign
Language Project, Karl -

Send my best wishes to everyone on Malta!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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