Writing Bee Movement, and Having Real Bees here to watch - ha!

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Jun 11 13:14:15 UTC 2003

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June 11, 2003

On Tuesday, June 10, 2003, at 08:12 PM, Bill Reese wrote:
> Bees gone?
> :-)
> Bill

Hello Everyone, and Bill!
Thanks for this question...I remember I mentioned my problems with bees
to the List, so thought I would all tell you that bees flew into my
attic (under the roof of my house). They entered through a ventilation
eave, and they decided to live there. They started a honey bee hive in
the attic! How did I know this? When bees started swarming inside my
house, coming from the heater vents, and coming from a light fixture in
the ceiling, I knew they were there - ha! So last week was like a
comedy...I had a man in a bee-suit up in my attic. He got rid of the
hive, and two other men came and bee-proofed my whole house...they
covered every tiny opening with a special mesh, that will keep bees out
from now on...So it was an expensive week, but very necessary. Since
this happened, I found out that other houses along the canyon where I
live, have had the exact same problems, so I am not alone! So the bees
are our neighbors, but they need to stay in the canyon where they
belong...smile...Life is back to normal now...

Now I have to tell you another comedy....a few days before this
happened, I got a telephone call from a researcher who wanted to write
the movement of bees' wings for a research project he was doing, and he
had tried Labanotation, which is another movement notation system
mostly used in the dance profession, and he didn't like Labanotation
and wanted to know how much I would charge to write the movement of
bees' wings - I am not kidding - this is a true story - I actually
laughed when he called - Don't people ever want to write human beings?
smile....little did I know I would have real bees inside my house in a
few days!! So this must have been the month of the "BEE" - ha! I could
have watched them and written their movements while they swarmed inside
my house - ha! That would have been a good "group movement" document -

By the way, we can write any movement and I have written the movements
of dogs and cats, and of spiders in the past...I don't think there is
much need for writing the movements of animals and insects, but there
are occasional requests. And I have not heard back from the researcher
who asked if I could write bees - I suspect I will never hear from him
again - but it was nice to be asked - ha!

Val ;-)

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