To-Do List For SignWriter Java...

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Jun 11 01:18:23 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
June 10, 2003

Dear SignWriting List Members...
I am preparing a "To-Do List"....little problems in SignWriter Java
that need to be fixed.

Thank you Stefan, for your To-Do List pasted below. Anyone else want to
add to this list? ;-))

Val ;-)


On June 4, 2003, Stefan Woehrmann wrote regarding SignWriter Java:

1. there has been a problem because of the left border - the first
symbol is pushed very far to the left - so there is not a millimeter
space Keeping in mind this problem I leave the first "imaginary box in
my SW44 document open "  (just type the space bar )

2) After converting to a SW55 document I get the impression as if there
is more space in one line - at least on my large screen - (ha) -

3) Well - now I switch to typing words and with the help of the space
bar I have got no problem to set the left margin where I want to so
that the following line is wonderfully in a line  -  and - that is an
advantage it looks much better to have some space on the left of the

4)  There is a problem to find the "Umlauts and sharp S " of the German
Language -  but I can find the words - or - if the problem cannot be
solved without too much trouble I should insert my entries with ae or
ss and that would help ;-))

The routine to correct the signs that are not converted properly takes
some expereince - but I feel experienced now to get it down in a
reasonable time! I still try to find out some special problems - but I
am confident that I will be successful. Even if the program is not
perfect right now - it is a major advantage - and it is so easy to
create wonderfull looking documents....

5. I could not print anything directly but managed to print via Adobe
Distiller -the resulting document shows "very large" symbols - and
there is no room left on the left side  - (I  attached the pdf - file -
so You can see, what I am talking about) (I bet that the program will
allow different printing formats in the future, which would be very
helpful in order to create the excercise - sheets for my class. )

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