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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
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SignWriting List
June 16, 2003

Dear SignWriting List Members, Daniel, Dan, Greg, Stuart and Everyone!
Perhaps you wonder what is happening with SignWriter Java? Here is a

1. SignWriter Java for Users...
A current working version of SignWriter Java is now posted on the web,
free for download. It is already being used in several countries:

SignWriter Java for Users...

Although this current-working version has many bugs, it is still
useful, because it converts SignWriter DOS files to "better looking
graphics"....we have no choice but to fix this computer program, since
we need a program that can convert old SignWriter DOS files to
SignWriter Java. There are hundreds, if not thousands of old files that
need to be converted...And they can be, right now, because of the
current version of SignWriter Java....but unfortunately, the program
can't print well right now, so we need to fix that....


2. SignWriter Java Source Code for programmers...
I posted all of the source code I could find, on the web, for any
programmer who wants to use it:

SignWriter Java Source Code

This source code can be used by anyone who would like to start their
own program, or who wants to work with the program that is being used is freely there for anyone...


3. SourceForge projects for SignWriting...
Did you know that Greg Noel started a SourceForge project for
SignWriting several years ago? Thank you, Greg! Dan Parvaz
suggested a SourceForge project specifically for SignWriter Java, and
then Daniel Noelpp put that into action too...thanks to all of
you...All of these SourceForge projects can access my source code,
which I posted on my web site, they have complete freedom
to continue as they wish, and I hope they will...and I hope they will
share their work with the world later, when it is ready...I personally
cannot be involved with the day-to-day communication on these
SourceForge projects, so feel free to go ahead without me...I will not
be looking over your shoulders...

And if there is someone using SignWriter Java out in the world, who is
frustrated and has the money to pay a programmer to fix it, they can
too....or they can write grants to pay a programmer later...


4. Fixing the Current Working Version of SignWriter Java
Both privately and publicly, I will be continuing to try to find
programmers willing to help me fix this current working version - so
for me, my work has not stopped, just because I released the source
code. Whenever I have improved source code, I will post it for
programmers to use freely on my web site...Here is the "To-Do-List"
needed at this time...

SignWriter Java To-Do-List


So I pray that there are programmers still willing to work with me on
the current To-Do-List, outside of SourceForge, just relating to me
through private email?... If you need to be paid, that is perfectly
understandable and I will try to find funding to pay you...

Thanks to all of you, for your interest in programming with

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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