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Jerry Spillman jzs at XMISSION.COM
Fri Jun 27 21:46:40 UTC 2003

Dear List,

Tini and I and the ASL SignWriting Teachers Thank you all for your
compliments on our From Children To Children site.  We are only too
pleased to be able to display these projects from the small folk and
their teachers.  We could be even more pleased if we were able to post
some poetry and children's stories from the European Community, the
countries of the Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia,  the  South
Pacific and Pacific Islands,  United Kingdom, Russia, Scandinavia,
China, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Japan, the Philippines, and many others
there isn't even space to name them all.  Teachers, you may e-mail
requests to me for any details as to file formats, etc.  We have made
web pages from .sgn, .pdf, MSWord.doc, MSExcel.xls, .tif, .jpg, gif,, .wpd, and many other file types, so don't let the format worry you!
 If you are a MAC freak, Valerie knows how to fix that, even. (Sorry,
Val, I couldn't resist!) If I can't understand your requests, we have
many, many friends on this list who can translate many different
languages, so this is not a barrier, either.  We will not edit your
student's or your content, except to perhaps make a picture more
viewable or as you request...  Keep them coming!

Jerry Spillman
mailto:jzs at

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