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Dan Parvaz dparvaz at MAC.COM
Sun Jun 29 14:08:31 UTC 2003

Dear Val, Antonio Carlos, and anyone else who is interested,

I have a suggestion for extending SWML to make using it a little
simpler. On those occasions when the sign used in a document
corresponds precisely with what is available in a dictionary file
(which has also been converted to SWML), it'd be nice to allow a
pointer from a text SWML file to a Table SWML file. Basically,
something along the lines of...

    <external uri="us-dictionary.swml" gloss="same(2)" />

.... or something like that. I know that this creates some dependency
issues, to say nothing of the search time in creating the initial SWML
file (although this could be made smarter if the dictionary were
inserted in suffix trees/Patricia tries or something similar); these
are concerns which I share. However, it would reflect in SWML's
semantics what is practiced by SW users; namely, that the dictionary is
often referenced in typing running text. It would also help separate
"core" dictionaries from those developed by the user.


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