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June 29, 2003

Dear Tini and everyone!
Thanks for this message, Tini...How were those documents done? My 
understanding is that the students typed the individual signs with 
SignWriter 4.4, and then they printed them on paper. They then took a 
scissors and cut hem out individually and pasted each sign near the 
illustrations. Once the pasted pages was completed, Cecilia Flood 
scanned each full page into Microsoft Word. Then Cecilia called me and 
told me she didn't have success with making a PDF of the Word 
documents, so I told her to send them to me. I then converted Cecilia's 
Word documents into PDF, and then Jerry took those documents and 
created his own web page...

The child, Lance, is around 8 years old. Some of the other children are 
as young as six, and they directed this project. Yes...the teachers 
"helped"...that is for sure...but no adult was completelyn controlling 
the project...they were encouraging the children to take charge. We 
cannot add glosses without permission from the authors - ha! And 
everyone is on vacation right now...they come back to school in for me anyway, I would prefer not changing or 
translating anything - since we want to ask the children 
themselves...the only problem we are having right now, is that the 
children are forced to go through the adults for the scans...but 
hopefully in time we can solve that so they can send Jerry their own 
documents on their own - I believe in children empowerment, as I know 
you do this can build into something important in time, but it 
may take a few years...

Val ;-)


On Sunday, June 29, 2003, at 06:22 AM, Tini Pel wrote:

> To Valerie, ms Allen'schidren, Jerry and list,
> Thank you Valerie for your nice comments. Yes it would be wonderful 
> if, as Jerry suggested , that the "Ch. to Ch." could become world > wide.
> It is so nice to see children's work in print.
> Wow Jerry do I see this right, did you place every sign separately. It 
> made it really clear to read. A big job!!!!!!
> Sorry I could not make out the name of the child but he or she was 
> hungry for a hot dog or hamburger at Mc. Donald. The drawing showed a 
> big city with the big Mc. Donald sign. I might be way off!!!!
> You know what, it would be very handy if there is a translation or 
> glosses with the Sign Writing. No matter what language,
> Thank you so much for this opportunity to read children's works, jus 
> great!!!!
> L.I.F.E.
> Tini.
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