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Charles Butler chazzer3 at EROLS.COM
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Hello Sergio,

I can't read your video files, but here is the relevant page from the
Libras/Portuguese dictionary which Marianne Stumpf, Sr Rocha de Costa, and I
have been working on.  This lists several signs from Group 2 in our
interpretation of SSS order (I knew these pages would come in handy.  My SW
program AND paint programs have both crashed and I have to reload them, but
at least my illustrations are still working).

Religao is one of them.  The "Mao-U com dedos cruzados" hand starts on the
non-dominant side and moves across to the dominant side, with the dominant
palm facing to the non-dominant side.

The SW shows the right hand with the palm facing to the left.

I'm using dominant and non-dominant because half my Deaf friends in Brazil
are izquerdas, signing everything with their left hand dominant.

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> Hello dear List merbers,
> Could you hep me ? I need compose the sign atached in this e-mail in
> sigwriting but I don  ^È·   know ! I can see that you are experts about
> signwriting.
> Thank you,
> Sergio

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