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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Mon Mar 10 15:59:37 UTC 2003

Hello Sergio and listmembers,

thank you for your question ;-)

It is almost every time a new experience to look at signs from foreign
signlanguages .

I looked at your videos very carefully -and tried to transcribe them - in
the following emails you will find my suggestions.

It is always interesting

Can you answer the question please: The woman who is performing the three
sign - is she hearing or DEAF ?

The "mouthmovements" are very obvious. Transcribing a movement - we have to
make a decision - : how many details -

I would suggest to include the "facial expressions" - at least some of them
which would allow the informed reader to make a best guess about the
"articulation - movements" This allows a fast reading of documents ...

Here is the first gif : passado

Notice the half circles around the head -  of course the right hand movement
is almost above the shoulder - but the movement is oriented backward and you
need to understand quickly that this movement is not ment to be performed in
front of the body ...

The woman moves her lips as if speaking "passado"  The right spelling (b)
shows the complete articulation - sequence -
The left spelling (a)  shows only the beginning ("p" ) - so the informed
reader would understand and add the rest ...

I am looking forward to your feedback


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Hello dear List merbers,

Could you hep me ? I need compose the sign atached in this e-mail in
sigwriting but I don >?  know ! I can see that you are experts about

Thank you,


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