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Charles Butler chazzer3 at EROLS.COM
Fri Mar 14 13:45:26 UTC 2003

Not yet, that I know of.  We have pieces of a Portuguese/Libras dictionary available, and Valerie has about 1600 signs in her Sign Bank, but a definitive list is not yet posted.

The Libras dictionary has about 700 signs in it, at least in part.  It's in a specific categorization of the Sign Symbol Sequence based on the handshapes of Libras.  

Charles Butler

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  Hello List
                I was wondering is there a place were I can access an =
  extensive list of signs with their detailed sign spelling.  Organised =
  into sign categories based on the dominant sign of the sign spelling.  =
  It doesn't matter which sign language as long as I have an English =
  meaning of the sign...  If anybody has a listing it would be very much =



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