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           thanks, I'm trying to see if I can get a prediction system going based on the categories of sign that a user may use.  I'm assuming that due to the fact that sign language is a language made up of physical movement that their may be some trends that are based on the motions of sign language as well as the meaning of an utterance.  Meaning that due to the end position of a sign I can reduce the database of signs by some degree based on predicting the start position of the next sign. This can be at some abstract level but I believe that due to the natural physical flow of sign language that physical trends are present.  This I believe could be a source of information for a sign writing prediction system.............


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  Not yet, that I know of.  We have pieces of a Portuguese/Libras dictionary available, and Valerie has about 1600 signs in her Sign Bank, but a definitive list is not yet posted.

  The Libras dictionary has about 700 signs in it, at least in part.  It's in a specific categorization of the Sign Symbol Sequence based on the handshapes of Libras.  

  Charles Butler

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    Hello List
                  I was wondering is there a place were I can access an =
    extensive list of signs with their detailed sign spelling.  Organised =
    into sign categories based on the dominant sign of the sign spelling.  =
    It doesn't matter which sign language as long as I have an English =
    meaning of the sign...  If anybody has a listing it would be very much =


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