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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Fri Mar 14 23:25:55 UTC 2003

Hi Valerie, Antony, Terry ... interested enthusiasts ..

isn?t it wonderful that you and we can discuss different variations of a
special sign-performance?

I cannot imagine a better writing system to compare all the tiny differences

I spent some time to create different variations of your sign (How are you)

You may compare these variations with your gif. I guess that you want the
right "G-hand" (what does this mean?? ) parallel to the floor - therefore
the gap  ,-))

Your movement-arrow - hm- if your hand is already touching the body there is
not the space for this movement -

the head-movement arrow - that should describe Terrys head-movement is a
diagonal back one  - it is perhaps not meant so ? I wrote an arrow that
shows the movement of the head diagonal forward
The double arrows are fine ;-))

The endposition of the right fist - for me it is not to comfortable to keep
the position looking into the palm of the fist - but it is only my best
guess to write the endposition - thumb up and back of hand outside ...

So there is a lot to discuss -

I am looking forward to your feedback.

A - yes - the you should experiment with the  function - keys of the SW 44
program = ; or ,  and : or .  and _ or _ - with the N - key you switch
between arrows for the right or left hand ;-)) These functions are described
in the manual

Stefan ;-))

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SignWriting List
March 12, 2003

Dear SW List:
Antony wrote the message attached. It was meant for the List, but
accidentally was sent to me privately. Thank you Antony, for your
message - I am so impressed to see that you are typing with the
SignWriter Computer Program- This means that the teachers on the
SignWriting List have given you good help, and that you are working

It is great that you exported your SignWriting to BMP format. Once you
have done that, the BMP diagrams need to be re-formatted to GIF format
for the List. I did this for you, and I have re-attached them as one
attachment, not two attachments - I hope everyone can read

I hope you will forgive me for not participating in the conversation
right now - I need a little break and rest, plus I have people
responding to our publicity from last weekend - smile - By the way, I
asked Antony if he would be interested in presenting SW in Australia at
a conference ?- I know you wrote to me, Antony, about that - I know
this is all pretty new for you, but I bet the audience will understand
if you tell them that you are just starting, but that there is a web
site with a lot of free downloads and people can then search and learn
for themselves -

So here is Antony's new message to the List:

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> Subject: How are you????

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