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March 21, 2003

Thank you, Magdalena, for this message. My answer is below...Val ;-)


Date:    Mon, 03 Mar 2003 11:22:57 +0000
From:   annamaggi at
My name is Magdalena Sjodin and I am studying Graphic Information 
Design in London, UK. I was searching on google on sign languages and 
came in contact with your website which was really intressting. I had 
no clue about the sign writing language and it really has my attention, 
so I have decided to base my major projekt on Signwriting. My teacher 
here at the University Of Westminister is very 
pleased and excited with my idea about my projekt.However I have study 
signlanguage before so I could make sense of the alpaheth and some of 
the movements. On the on-line lessons there is no information regards 
to :
Curved Movement
Basic Movement Arrows
Axial Movement
Rotation & Wrist Flexing
chapter 7 and 8 and 9.
My question to you is would there be a possibility to get hold of that 
Magdalena Sjodin
annamaggi at


Magdalena - Nice to know you are doing a project on SignWriting! 
Regarding the lessons you mention...I believe you are referring to the 
older lessons on the web? They are missing those chapters. BUT...there 
are two newer postings that give you all the lessons...go to:

Lessons in SignWriting Textbook on the Web


Download the entire lessons in PDF format. Go to:

And I hope you will join the SignWriting List...we would love to 
include you as a member. Here are the instructions to join:


You are cordially invited to join The SignWriting List ;-)

To join, send this command:

SUB SW-L (then your first name & last name)

To this address:


Or...write to me and I will be glad to do it for you.

We all look forward to hearing from you!

Val ;-)

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