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I think the question here is, "I don't know the sign for "glass" as in Stained Glass Window".  If one doesn't know the sign, one can't describe it.  I think she's asking for help from native ASL users who do know the sign and could post it.  The only one I know is "mirror" which holds the palm to the face and turns it as if catching the light once.  My SW is down or I'd post it.
I went to one browser and this is the best description.  It's the one I have seen used.GLASS
The bent index finger taps the upper front teeth as if to show that something is hard. so COLOR-GLASS-WINDOW would be the best, I would think.
 Stefan Woehrmann <stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE> wrote:Hi Jeni,  what is needed is a description of your handshape and kind of movement in words as accurately as possible (with words) Once I get an idea about what you are doing while you are performing the sign I volunteer to assist you in writing this "action" in SW  All the best  Stefan ;-)) -----Urspr
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On Friday, March 21, 2003, at 01:29 PM, Jvarecha at wrote:
I am looking for the sign or symbol to designate "glass".  As used in creating a stained glass item.  Can you help me?  Thanks
Jeni Varecha, Jvarecha at

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