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SignWriting List
March 12, 2003

The four SignWriting teachers from Albuquerque are now back home, teaching their flock. They left their own unique legacy on the San Diego area, with a newspaper interview in the San Diego Union Tribune, and a radio interview that has been heard by several of our friends. I am told it was a long radio interview, and that my friends were amazed - so I will call the radio station and ask for a tape of the entire radio interview and will then transcribe that interview into written form for the general public. I thought it was going to be a television interview in ASL - we were a bit surprised when the radio people came instead! But now the radio reporter is interested. She says she will talk to the TV people about doing a visual TV program - I hope that happens!

Have you been able to get a dub from the tape of the radio interview Valerie? I would be very interested in reading about it. I am keeping all the interviews as it is very helpful to raise interest in SW. around here.
Thanks, Tini.

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