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Fri Sep 5 15:18:31 UTC 2003

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September 5, 2003

Sandy Fleming wrote:
> I can't seem to get any SW software working - SW-DOS doesn't work in
> WIndows XP and there seems to be a problem on my machine with a
> missing file when I try to install Java. Never mind, I like scribbling
> and I can always just scan in my handwritten SW to start with!

Dear SW List, and Sandy!
Welcome to the SignWriting List, and thank you for your introduction,
Sandy...Maybe you can be the first person in the UK to create a BSL
dictionary in SignWriting someday?  I hope so!!

Writing by hand is a wonderful experience and I wholeheartedly
encourage it! However, if you want to do a big dictionary in BSL
(smile), you will need some software...

You mentioned SignWriter Java...To download SignWriter Java, go to:

SignWriting Download Center


SignWriter Java Download

When you go to this download page, you will see there are three boxes.
In the third box, it say this:

To use SignWriter Java, you will need:
Java 2 SE, version 1.4.1, installed on your computer.

Download Java 2se v 1.4.1 on this web page:

Did you try downloading and installing the new version of Java 2 se
1.4.1?....If not, then that might be the problem...

Val ;-)

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