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September 5, 2003

Sandy Fleming wrote:
> I did download the Sutton GB font. The way the vowels are written is
> interesting, just a contact star at the appropriate finger and no
> indication
> that the right-hand index finger is what's touching it. Is this a
> standard
> convention? Are there other conventions like this for making signs
> simpler
> to write?
> One problem with it, though, is that the knuckle joint of the finger
> being
> contacted should be slightly closed. This is an important point
> because it's
> easier to see which vowel is being indicated when the left handshape
> changes
> like this. Wouldn't it be better to add a "v" sign near the "*" sign
> in each
> vowel?

Dear SW List and Sandy -
The GB fingerspelling keyboard has never really been edited by anyone
using BSL, so you are the first to give me feedback and of course I
welcome it...Only problem is that I am behind in other deadlines, and
it takes me time to make changes to keyboards...but certainly let's
record your suggestions and then later I will try to get to it....

Please see the attached diagram of the Great Britain fingerspelling
keyboard design in SignWriter DOS...the fingerspelling keyboards are
hard to design, because the keys are small...I did not have room to
place the index finger on the vowels - the key was too small, so I
hoped that the abbreviation was ok...If not, then you can always type
fingerspelling in Sign Mode too, in SignWriter DOS, and don't use the
fingerspelling keyboard at all, since it may be too abbreviated for
you....so that way you would get all the detail you want...

UK Fingerspelling Keyboard SignWriter DOS

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