What? No BSL?

Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Sat Sep 6 18:32:51 UTC 2003

Stefan wrote:

> In the past I offered lots of different presentations, workshops
> and lessons
> in SW. From my point of view it is very helpful for beginners to learn to
> read movements and handshapes - but not to find signs that are already
> familiar to them. (This would be a good second step !)

I see your point. I think I'm too much a beginner to have a useful opinion
on this, though.

And unfortunately I can't open the PDF document - it says "Unable to extract
font AOIDFJ+Arial", so I can see all the signs, but only a few bits of
English text.

> Can you read this ...

I think I can! It says, "Hello Sandy, my name's (Stefan sign name), there!".
Is the sign for "name" the German sign or is it an improved spelling of my


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