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Sun Sep 7 01:45:10 UTC 2003

Stefan wrote:
 Hi Sandy and all , --
> I like this idea to start with a set of signs that would lead newcomers from
> all different countries and SL into the world of reading SW.
> I would like to share different concept.
> In the past I offered lots of different presentations, workshops and lessons
> in SW. From my point of view it is very helpful for beginners to learn to
> read movements and handshapes - but not to find signs that are already
> familiar to them. (This would be a good second step !)
> Since SignWriting is an international movementwriting system there are
> movements and body-expressions that should be performed all the same all
> over the world.
> I offer a teaching - document for beginners. You can make printouts, cut the
> signs into pieces and prepare easy to read flashcards.
> What do you think ??


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