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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Sun Sep 7 11:09:06 UTC 2003

Hi Sandy, 

do not worry if you cannot find a special /rare handshape. 

-- and do not worry if some signs are difficult to write - 

The handshape you are looking for is not among the list we already have in the SW44 keyboard available. The more you become familiar with the keyboad you will find a way to combine tiny little symbols with others in order to get to that result which is on your mind!

I never stop to recommend creating "Maenniken" as my sons call this little guys made only with the symbols of the SW44 keyboard.  Have you seen any ??  You get an idea of all the tiny bits and pieces and how to use the function keys to become an expert in writing with this wonderful oldfashioned but beautiful working DOS - program ;-))) 

On the other side - you are right to go ahead with handwriting and scanning - so that all of us can learn from you. Maybe in time some new handshapes can be added to the list - Valerie is already on her way to ask for this ... 

Attached you find the signs for elbow movement ... We discussed that before ... see Valeries excellent explanation

I am lokking forward to your spelling -- 

"Maybe I should have "troublemaker" for a name sign  :)" 

Oh no, just the opposite - what we need is this kind of input to improve our knowledge and to find ways to create new teaching materials - and that is fun! Right Tini ?? 


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Betreff: Signs I can't Write :(

Hi Folks!  :)

I'm still having trouble finding ways to type the BSL signs for "Wales" and "Scotland".

"Wales" should use the "pineapple" sign (S-S-Sequence 56) but with fingers bent. S-S-Sequence 58 is almost like it, but it doesn't have the same feel - I couldn't find a suitable sign in SW-DOS because I went through the "pineapple" signs and the version I needed wasn't there. Of course, I can put down this sign very easily in handwriting, but it can't be done with SW_DOS, nor is it found in S-S-Sequence.

"Scotland" I can't even do in handwriting! The bit that I can't do is that I need to show the elbow or innner arm making contact with the side of the body twice (the fist is held in front of the shoulder). In BSL we will also need this movement for "chicken" and "bagpipes"! :)  I tried looking up chicken and bagpipes in the ASL dictionary but didn't find the required movement.

I attach my sign for Wales but I'd really be happier if it were a circle hand rather than square  :\

"Wales" is actually the only BSL sign I can think of using this handshape (it mimics the circled fleur-de-lys that's a symbol of the country) so it may be that this is a special sign and could be conventionally approximated with the square hand, at least in typed documents. I think a BSL handwriter would naturally write it as a circle.

Maybe I should have "troublemaker" for a name sign  :)


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