SIGNBANK REPORT September 2003

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Sep 7 15:27:40 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
September 7, 2003

Dear SW List Members!
Please excuse my silence on the List...I have been struggling with
packaging SignBank 2003, which will be sent to Members...Yes...I have
not sent the CDs yet...but they are coming, hopefully this week.

The SignBank CD package will now include three CDs...

CD 1: SignBank For Everyday Use
CD 2: SignBank For Research Use
CD 3: SignBank Archives

CD 3: The Archives are simply the GIFs and JPEGs that are stored and
embedded and linked to the SignBank the Archive CD is
pretty clear...just a bunch of individual files that may be useful to
people creating documents, or developing software...but most people
will never access the Archives, since all items in the Archives are
stored in one of the two SignBanks...

Why two SignBanks? Why differentiate between "Everyday Use" and
"Research Use"?

Because SignWriting has two sides...It is servicing both worlds, and
the two worlds are really quite different...

CD 1: SIGNBANK FOR EVERYDAY USE will be a simplified database, with
fewer symbols, a simplified-lookup system, simple one-word-definitions,
illustrations for children and teachers, and less complicated

CD 2: SIGNBANK FOR RESEARCH USE will be a detailed database, with every
symbol in the entire Sutton Movement Writing system, a very refined and
detailed lookup system and multiple detailed word definitions for
signs. Plus it will include requests by linguists and researchers, for
other "RESEARCH-ORIENTED" symbols that are not written everyday, but
may be useful for research purposes.

Both of these databases are "under construction", but essentially, what
is on the web right now, for download, will slowly become SIGNBANK FOR
RESEARCH USE...and what I will be sending our Members this week, will
be my first attempt at SIGNBANK FOR EVERYDAY USE...

It will take several years, before all of this is really clean...But I
have made an important start. I have created the first attempt at
SIGNBANK FOR EVERYDAY USE...and as with all projects...everything takes
longer than the CD that I will be sending to members this
week, will not be perfect, but at least you will have what is
up-to-date at this time...

In my next message, I will explain the specific features of the new

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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