SIGNBANK REPORT September 2003

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Sep 7 18:19:36 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
September 7, 2003

SIGNBANK REPORT continued...

SignWriting is 3-decades old:

Decade 1: 1974-1984
We wrote by hand. We published with ink pens, stencils and wax symbols,
pressed on paper manually.

Decade 2: 1984-1994
Developed two computer programs: SIGNWRITER DOS and SIGNBANK I and II

Decade 3: 1995-2005
This is the decade of computerizing and finalizing all the symbols in
the entire Sutton Movement Writing system. When this decade is over in
2005, there will be four SW symbol sets:

SSS-2002.......EVERYDAY USE (SignBank 2002 and the new SW-Edit program)
SSS-2005.......RESEARCH USE (every symbol in the entire SMW system)

Meanwhile, writing by hand uses them all, and no one has to worry about
which symbol set, because writing by hand has no limitations...only
dumb computers have forced us to choose symbol limits, because of lack
of memory and other technological reasons...

When I complete SSS-2005, I plan to semi-retire! Or at least, take a
little time off, and pass the hat to the next generation...

This report will continue for the next few messages...

Val ;-)

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