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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Sep 9 01:48:04 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
September 8, 2003

Hi Jerry -
Gosh....I feel your pain.....;-(

Don't waste any more time on it. I will try it on my XP later, and
maybe you should call for tech support from a Virtual PC trained person
too...I will tell you what happens on my end...Meanwhile, isn't it true
that you have an old PC that runs SignWriter DOS? Don't throw it out
just yet - smile -

Val ;-)


On Monday, September 8, 2003, at 06:07 PM, Jerry Spillman wrote:

> Dear Valerie and List,
> My apologies if I sound argumentative, but I am frustrated and
> heartsick
> concerning Virtual PC.  I am not running an old or out-dated, or
> under-built machine.  Here are the facts:
> 1.  My computer is based on an AMD Athlon XP2100+ processor.
> 2.  I get automatic updates to my XPHOME whenever Microsoft puts them
> out and implement them.
> 3.  My computer has 512 MEGABYTES of RAM.
> 4.  My computer has 86 GIGABYTES of storage space.
> 5.  I downloaded the program once again (third time), and installed it
> and the goodies for making the drives work with it.
> 6.  I installed a clean MSDOS 6.22 on the virtual drive (even named the
> expanding drive image Valerie.vhd for good luck, and gave it 132MB of
> RAM to use.).
> 7.  I copied 400 plus dos files, bmps, SignWriter DOS, etc.  into the
> SW
> directory.
> 8.  I edited the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files according to the
> instructions and help files.
> 9.  Virtual PC will not give me VGA or EGA.  It sets up as CGA. MSDOS
> 6.22 runs just fine, as it would on a real DOS computer, and looks fine
> and normal on the screen (17 inch SuperVGA).  In the Virtual PC
> properties screen, it says that this is one of the parameters that
> cannot be user adjusted. Please see the attached screen shot, if it
> came
> through.   I can't work with this, and don't know how to fix the
> problem.  Has anyone on the LIST successfully run SW DOS on an XP PC?
> So far, I have spent 23 hours on this version.  I have about 40 hours
> history trying to make the older versions work.  I have not yet been
> able to contact Microsoft support, but any positive input will be
> accepted from any of you having experience making this run properly,
> and
> very much appreciated.  ANGUS?  STEFAN?
> <scrshot1.gif>

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