Whats the same???

Tony tony_mccloskey at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Sep 9 15:38:19 UTC 2003

Hello list
               I was wondering if anyone had a view on what is the same 
throughout all sign languages.  I know in each language although some 
are similar that the hand shapes and movements for a particular sign are 
all different.  But I am wondering what I can find that is the same.  I 
am thinking here from a view that maybe facial expressions defining 
emotion are similar even the hand shapes of the sign are different but 
then not all signs have a facial expression so what about sign location 
in space.  I'm not looking for any hard and fast rules just 
generalisations if there are any????  If anybody has an opinion just let 
me know .....


Anthony McCloskey
University of Ulster
Magee Campus
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ta.mccloskey at ulster.ac.uk
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