Creating a New Dictionary

Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Wed Sep 10 08:48:27 UTC 2003

Hi SignWriters!

I need to make a start on my new BSL dictionary, which I obviously can do
just by using SW-DOS.

I'm wondering about the dictionary files created by SW-DOS, however.

Are they only usable by SW-DOS or can the Java program use them too?

If I create a dictionary in SW-DOS do I have to do it all over again for
Java people?

Is there a standard dictionary file specification that makes it possible to
ensure that dictionaries created in one program can be used by all others?

Also, what do I actually need for doing this sort of work? What do I have to
buy or download from the site? Currently I just have the ASL version of
SW-DOS that I downloaded for free.


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