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Wed Sep 10 15:19:23 UTC 2003

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September 10, 2003

Dear SW List, Jerry and Stuart -
I want to thank you, Stuart, for your suggestions on how to use
SignWriter DOS with Linux, and I am sure there will be someone who will
benefit from that.

I want to summarize Virtual PC for everyone, because this is important.
Everyday, I live in Virtual PC. For example, yesterday, I had Virtual
PC running for 8 hours. I had four operating systems running
simultaneously on my Macintosh:

1. Mac OS X
2. Windows XP
3. Windows 98

And with a click of the mouse, I could switch from one to the other
with ease. So obviously, if Virtual PC works so beautifully for me, I
would highly recommend it to others...I did not know that Jerry was
having so many problems.

So I then tried to install Virtual PC on Windows XP to see what Jerry
was experiencing. But my XP was already running on Virtual PC on my
Mac...and the Virtual PC program came up with a box saying: You can't
run Virtual PC inside Virtual PC! smile...

So I couldn't test it for Jerry -

So although Jerry and I decided to stop trying, I did think of one last
thing yesterday that I want to inform you all about...For those who are
trying to use Virtual PC, remember to go into the Virtual PC settings,
before you start, and increase the memory for that new operating system
you want to run...Take a look at the attached diagram...I am not
talking about your hardware memory...I am talking about the memory
inside Virtual PC that is allotted for the new operating system you are
trying to run...Jerry - there is tiny chance that if you increased the
memory allotted for DOS inside Virtual PC, that maybe you would have
had a better experience:

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