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Fri Sep 12 18:30:26 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
September 12, 2003

On Wednesday, September 10, 2003, at 05:12 PM, joe martin wrote:
> for purposes of a project, could any of the teachers on the list
> provide
> standardized test scores, or some other kind of objective measurements
> of
> reading level, that could be correlated with knowledge of signwriting?

Dear SW List, and Joe!
Great question. First, most of the teachers teaching SignWriting are
not on the SW List, unfortunately. Albuquerque teachers are not on the
List anyway...So getting a specific response from them may be harder...
I can put you in touch with them privately...Most of them just use
SignWriting, but are not trying to prove anything, so I am not sure
whether they have determined any levels anyway...

Cecilia Flood's dissertation will soon be ready for purchase from the
University publishing house...but I don't believe Cecilia's study
revolved around reading levels was about Deaf children's
improved self-esteem...

But I can tell you that I personally developed reading levels for
SignWriting students. The four reading levels are demonstrated in the
four "Goldilocks in ASL books"...we have four levels...

Children Story Reading Levels

When you go to this web page, it will link you to stories at different
reading levels...

I can tell you that the teachers in Albuquerque told me that the levels
seem to be working and seem to fit properly with the way students least according to Kate teacher! ;-)

I will be sending you some materials soon, as a part of our SignWriting
Membership CD Update Service, Joe, and I can enclose some info on the
Reading Levels...

Last, but not least, in Saudi Arabia last year they had levels and they
were successful, but that study has stopped now, and I have the report
and results, but they are in Arabic, and it needs to be translated...

Val ;-)

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