Sergio and DosBox

Jerry Spillman jzs at XMISSION.COM
Wed Sep 17 00:38:04 UTC 2003

Dear Sergio, Valerie and List,

Sergio shared this location with me a few days ago.  I have downloaded
and installed DOSBox on my XPHOME based computer.
This is a small, free (freeware), DOS emulator which runs beautifully.
I can report this WONDERFUL SUCCESS tonight, it runs SW 4.4 (DOS) as
well as I have seen it perform.  It still will output PS and BMP files,
and does not require a lot of time configuring the computer.  You don't
need to make any special partitions to your drives (it can use the
folders already in existance).  Just download and  install it, give it
one or two commands and it is ready to run.
If anyone is interested, I will make a PDF file available for download
from the Cyberjer ftp site with instructions and screen shots on how to
set it up.

If you are running XP or NT, you simply must try it to believe how well
it works!

Jerry Spillman
mailto:jzs at

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