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Wed Sep 17 14:57:17 UTC 2003

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September 17, 2003

Tony in Ireland wrote:
>  is there an Irish Sign Writing Dictionary as one of those books
> or is there anywhere I can buy an Irish Sign Writing Dictionary, any
> info
> would be much appreciated...

Hello Everyone, and Tony!
Thanks for this question. The document I am editing is not in a
computer. The author sent me a photocopied document to write my
comments on, by hand. I know the author typed the SignWriting sentences
in ISL with SW 4.4 in DOS...but whether a dictionary file was created
or not, I do not know...You can write to Carmen, his assistant, to find
out...but that does not mean it is a dictionary ready for
publication...only a personal file.

I know you need an ISL dictionary in SignWriting, Tony, but I am afraid
we are not quite in that era yet, in Ireland. They are however, way
ahead of all of us, on publishing books for beginning signers using
SignWriting sentences in a series of books ...I think it is wonderful!

So you may benefit from asking Trinity College if you can purchase
their new books...

Write to for more information:

Patrick Matthews
& Carmen Martin
nitramnemrac at

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