Dos Box XP

Sergio Ribeiro ssr.informatica at IG.COM.BR
Tue Sep 23 15:55:31 UTC 2003

Thank you Jerry and Valerie,

Just a little bit information. When you install DosBox in your computer he
creates a new folder named DOSBOX. In this folder you can find a file named
DOSBOX.CONF you can open it using Windows NotePad or another similar text
editor program.

Open it ! Find follow command:


If you change to True for DosBox program run with FULL SCREEN

And after [autoexec] instruction in this file you can add commands like:


For example.

I hoppe be helpfull !

Best Regards


Em 23 Sep 2003,     SignWriting List escreveu:

>SignWriting List
>September 23, 2003
>Jerry Spillman in Utah wrote:
>> I see my name a few times lately. Thank you, but please remember our
>> good friend Sergio, without whom we would not have this wonderful new
>> means to run SW DOS!!
>Hello Jerry and Everyone!
>You are right, Jerry. We owe Sergio a BIG thanks!!! I know Sergio sent
>us some instructions way back, but sadly those instructions did not
>come into the Archives in a readable format, so your instructions have
>been very helpful too, Jerry...Thanks to both of you, for your
>You can now download your instructions on how to use DOSBox on our web
>SignWriting PDF Library
>Document sw0116
>Val ;-)

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