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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Wed Sep 24 16:30:51 UTC 2003

Hi Sergio, Jerry and Software - Experts,

thanks to your advice I managed to run SW44 under Windows xp -

Can you give your comment to the following problem please ?

In general I feel not as secure running the programm under XP compared to
Win98 - I am busy to write a German installation - procedure ;-))

Although my computer is pretty fast - the commands under XP get fullfilled
with some delay - especially moving symbols seems to be a difficult task for
the computer and holding the key for moving to the side - the symbol would
move after I had already lifted the key for several seconds.

Two to three times this caused a breakdown - so my whole job on this new
file got lost  ;-(( .

I cannot follow Jerrys instruction because there is no way ( at least I know
of)  to type this backslash within the dosbox-window - once the program has
started with Z:\>

How about others ? My DOS - commands ar all English - so no German version -

I can switch to C:\ with the Editor - program within the DOSBox.conf  file

We can change the memory - Is there any effect to change it from 4/8  to
12/24   or anything else ?? - my sw folder contains more than 700
iles  -???

# Setting a memory size to 0 will disable it.

# Add here the lines you want to execute on startup.
mount c c:\SW

My last question - is anybody fom the list in contact with the specialists
who created DOSBox ?
Perhaps they could give some explanations why there is only one file in the
"file - window"

or about some other problems like problems with screenshots ? I get orange -
black - or grey in black --??

But that is not the biggest problem becaus we can open Windows Explorer in
the background to read the exact names of the 730 files that are stored
there (71,2 MB)

Thanks for your support

Stefan ;-)

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Thank you Jerry and Valerie,

Just a little bit information. When you install DosBox in your computer he
creates a new folder named DOSBOX. In this folder you can find a file named
DOSBOX.CONF you can open it using Windows NotePad or another similar text
editor program.

Open it ! Find follow command:


If you change to True for DosBox program run with FULL SCREEN

And after [autoexec] instruction in this file you can add commands like:


For example.

I hoppe be helpfull !

Best Regards


Em 23 Sep 2003,     SignWriting List escreveu:

>SignWriting List
>September 23, 2003
>Jerry Spillman in Utah wrote:
>> I see my name a few times lately. Thank you, but please remember our
>> good friend Sergio, without whom we would not have this wonderful new
>> means to run SW DOS!!
>Hello Jerry and Everyone!
>You are right, Jerry. We owe Sergio a BIG thanks!!! I know Sergio sent
>us some instructions way back, but sadly those instructions did not
>come into the Archives in a readable format, so your instructions have
>been very helpful too, Jerry...Thanks to both of you, for your
>You can now download your instructions on how to use DOSBox on our web
>SignWriting PDF Library
>Document sw0116
>Val ;-)

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