SignWriting-style notation for oral languages?

Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Wed Sep 24 10:38:01 UTC 2003

Val & everybody,

Thanks for these links. I found them very interesting but particularly
Chapter 7 of the History of Sign Writing at

As a newcomer to the game I suppose it's only natural that the "old ways"
tend to make me shake my head and move on  :)  I've been reading Star
Goddess (not that I find the ASL easy, but it does show me how SW gets
things accomplished!) and I do find it a bit irritating having to
re-establish the body centreline with every new sign. An easy sort of thing
to say with hindsight, I suppose!

Did you ever write that Cursive SignWriting book? I'd like to obtain a copy

The full version of SW44 arrived, thanks!! I've started on the BSL
dictionary but I do find it much easier to write signs by hand and then
enter them at the computer than to enter them directly at the computer! So
it's all still offline so far  :)

I also tried putting a children's story into BSL SW but alas, this is still
way beyond me. How those kids manage to learn it so fast I'll never know!


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> Sandy Fleming in the UK wrote:
> > How about a SignWriting-style notation for oral languages?
> Dear Sandy and Everyone!
> I am sure your discussion on writing the movements of speech on the
> mouth have taken interesting turns, and I confess I do not have time to
> follow them right now, with so much happening, but just for your
> general information....SignWriting has already been used to write the
> movements of speech two times in history:
> 1. Sutton SpeechWriting
> Developed at National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) in 1979
> Example on the web
> (scroll down the page to see example)
> 2. MundbildSchrift by Stefan Woehrmann
> Writes mouth-pictures for the German spoken language
> Used daily by Deaf students in Germany
> Document 108
> Val ;-)

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