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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Sep 28 18:43:51 UTC 2003

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September 28, 2003

Nitsu Pikkupyora wrote:
> What material do you have there, Valerie? I meen that kind of real 
> published (non-ASL) stuff...? Or if not published, anyway markable 
> enough... Please can you give me any estimation?

Dear SW List Members, and Nitsu -
I believe you already listed the ASL publications mentioned on our web 
sites, Nitsu? If so, perhaps you could post that List so I can see what 
you already have listed?...

What do I have here in my home office?

1. a whole series of Nicaraguan publications
2. a whole series of Brazilian publications...
3. a whole series of Norwegian publications
4. a whole series of Spanish publications (Madrid)
5. a whole series of Danish publications (from the 1980's)
6. a whole series of Swiss-German publications
7. Maltese Sign Language dictionary
8. Irish Sign Language Textbook Series (not yet published)
9. Some papers and abstracts from Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Great 

and there will be a Flemish Sign Language dictionary someday...But, you 
are right, Nitsu...We do need to do an official listing of SignWriting 
publications around the world. I hope this will be good enough for now?

Val ;-)

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