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Nana Dumitra nana.dumitra at SCHLOSSKLAUS.AT
Tue Sep 30 07:16:45 UTC 2003

Dear SW List,

I started to work on a SW dictionary for the Philippines, set up under 063
to match the way other dictionaries are set up. My question:

In the Philippines there are two official languages: English and Tagalog.
The Deaf are being taught with English as a  œÜ asis m  but most parents don ª²
know English. Many parents do know Tagalog or regional dialects that are
often very similar to Tagalog.

We would really like to set up the dicitionary in a way that we can do it
English  o  Tagalog  o  Sign Language and with a possibility to search in all
three languages. Is there a way to do it in SW44 DOS? So far I did it just
English  o  Sign Language. My husband suggested to just enter the Tagalog word
next to the English word. That is better than nothing, but makes it hard
when people want to look up a word using Tagalog as the search language. Any

By the way, Val, the lessons on how to use the ASL  o  English dictionary look
very interesting, I hope to study them a bit more this afternoon. Thanks for
all your work for us!

Greetings from the Philippines,
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