Nana Dumitra nana.dumitra at SCHLOSSKLAUS.AT
Tue Sep 30 07:16:48 UTC 2003

Dear SW List,

Finally after almost a month of sickness in our family (my husband and all 4
children got sick), a major renovation in our house and some important
meetings concerning our future work among the Deaf here in the Philippines
™›  am back to sign writing and the list. One question that came up when
looking through my materials was:

Is the membership based on the calendar year? Because if so, then we will
wait until January to become members since our budget is limited (once we
get more into SW our mission organisation might help with some of our
expenses, but for now it is our private budget). But if membership is from
the date we become members until a year later, then we could do it right

Thanks for your help.
Nana in the Philippines
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