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September 30. 2003

On Tuesday, September 30, 2003, at 12:16 AM, Nana Dumitra from the
Phillipines wrote:
> Is the membership based on the calendar year? Because if so, then we
> will wait until January to become members since our budget is limited
> (once we get more into SW our mission organisation might help with
> some of our expenses, but for now it is our private budget). But if
> membership is from the date we become members until a year later, then
> we could do it right now.

Dear SW List, and Nana!
I am very sorry to hear of your husband's illness. I hope all is better

Regarding SignWriting Membership... It is not based on the calendar is based on whenever you pay it, so anytime is fine, if you
have the funds...I would suggest that you write to me privately through
email and we can talk about the finances privately...

Ingvild Roald visited me last week, from Norway, and we discussed the
issues of SignWriting membership and whether it should include the CDs
or not...Not everyone who becomes a member necessarily wants to receive
CDs, so I believe we will have two memberships now...

$15.00 per CDs
$25.00 per year...with CDs twice a year

So write to me, Nana, any time...

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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