Brazilian Sign Language (Lingua de Sinnais do Brasil) (LIBRAS)

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Apr 1 17:52:49 UTC 2004

Hello all of you, this is Charles Butler.

Thank you for your suggestions on memory and typing difficulties.  I think I've hit on the best solution, and that is to create them directly at PUDL from my printed out files.

I'm creating the signs directly in the PUDL dictionary.  I added "lingua-de-sinnais" and "amante" this morning.  I will hunt up my hard copy and start adding the 750 signs I helped to research in Brazil as soon as possible.  I trust that the UCPel folks will vote and edit as needed.

"Amante" will actually require the creation of a new handshape which isn't currently in the dictionary, to be accurate.  The handshape is a "curled little finger" so that the two little fingers can grasp each other.  I used the "plain little finger" for now.

In creating them, I'm doing my best to create them in the order that they would be looked up by SSS, for me, first by primary hand, then by secondary hand, then by movement for primary hand, movement of secondary hand, then contact, then force. I haven't yet entered "confusao" and "complicado" which divide down the dictionary that far yet, but I'm working on it (smile).

Any suggestions are welcomed.  This is by far the clearest way to go.

Thanks a bunch, this way I can load stuff anywhere.

Charles Butler

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