Brazilian Sign Language (Lingua de Sinnais do Brasil) (LIBRAS)

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Apr 1 18:28:09 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
April 1st, 2004

Dear SW List and Charles!
This is wonderful. I am glad you are using the PUDL web site.

To have all the symbols you need to type LIBRAS, you will need the 
SSS-2004, the International Movement Writing Alphabet (the IMWA). I am 
not done with that yet. I hope to have it ready for Stephen and others 
to download, by the May 30th software conference in Lisbon. I will 
place the GIFs, PNGs, and a complete searchable web-database, called 
SymbolBank 2004, by that date, on the web, if I am lucky. This means 
that I will have to stop writing sooo many emails, which may be a 
relief to all of you anyway - ha!

I have an enormous amount of work to complete SymbolBank 2004. Right 
now, PUDL is using the SSS-US...which is a limited set for ASL...which 
may or may not be enough symbols even for it is our first 
experiment in limiting a symbolset to one specific country...You can 
download the BaseSymbols for the SSS-US on the web:

Val ;-)

On Apr 1, 2004, at 9:52 AM, Charles Butler wrote:

> Hello all of you, this is Charles Butler.
> Thank you for your suggestions on memory and typing difficulties.  I 
> think I've hit on the best solution, and that is to create them 
> directly at PUDL from my printed out files.
> I'm creating the signs directly in the PUDL dictionary.  I added 
> "lingua-de-sinnais" and "amante" this morning.  I will hunt up my hard 
> copy and start adding the 750 signs I helped to research in Brazil as 
> soon as possible.  I trust that the UCPel folks will vote and edit as 
> needed.
> "Amante" will actually require the creation of a new handshape which 
> isn't currently in the dictionary, to be accurate.  The handshape is a 
> "curled little finger" so that the two little fingers can grasp each 
> other.  I used the "plain little finger" for now. 
> In creating them, I'm doing my best to create them in the order that 
> they would be looked up by SSS, for me, first by primary hand, then by 
> secondary hand, then by movement for primary hand, movement of 
> secondary hand, then contact, then force. I haven't yet entered 
> "confusao" and "complicado" which divide down the dictionary that far 
> yet, but I'm working on it (smile).
> Any suggestions are welcomed.  This is by far the clearest way to go.
> Thanks a bunch, this way I can load stuff anywhere.
> Charles Butler

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