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Fri Apr 2 17:54:48 UTC 2004

Responding to Valerie,

Though I don't know Flemish, I was able to follow the parsing of the ASL signs included very well.  They've done an excellent job.  I don't know if my SW files are readable any more due to file corruption when they were created, but if anyone wants to try, at least from my limited sample set, I have attached my SW001.dic, which should contain more than the original set supplied.

Also, as an example, is a sign which LIBRAS uses as "cachorro quente", literally "hot dog".  It's the mime of a hot dog in a bun, which interestingly enough, I never saw in Brazil cooked in that fashion.  The "cachorro quente" there was cut in half lengthwise, cooked and then put into a flatbread sandwith with a lot of condiments, and then cooked on a double-sided waffle iron kind of thing.

The SW001.dic database should also contain a lot of medieval sign language from various sources as well as some Libras, though not all of the original .dic files from Brazil.


Valerie Sutton <sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG> wrote:
SignWriting List
April 2, 2004

This already exists, both in SignBank, and also on the web with the new
Belgian dictionaries online. Right now two dictionaries are on the web,
the ASL one with 3,100 signs and the Flemish one, with over 6,000

If you have typed a LIBRAS dictionary in SignWriter DOS, in the future
you will be able to send the .dic and .din files to the Belgian
programmers, and their converter in SWML will create an online
dictionary of the entire LIBRAS dictionary in the good-looking symbols
of SignWriter Java in a matter of minutes..and place it on the web as a
web dictionary that can be searched by least that is the
goal...perhaps the program is not ready yet for that phase....the
program is under development.

Right now, you can search for signs by handshape on the their ASL
dictionary. Go to:

and start searching by handshape!

Val ;-)


Charles Butler wrote:
> However, since all of these parameters are independent, one could
> search by any of them, depending on how the database is set up.  It
> would be like searching for all words in an English dictionary
> containing the letter "a" but for sign research it might be quite
> useful, for example to see "is secondary hand a flat hand" which would
> show all signs that use the flat hand as a platform like "holy",
> "clean", "Lutheran", "dance", "read", etc.
> Real possibilities here.
> Got to run.
> Charles Butler
> Bart Braem wrote:
> Op donderdag 1 april 2004 18:47, schreef Bill Reese:
> > Good idea!  I've used that program before - I just didn't find any of
> > those more familiar programs in my search on C/NET.  Do you have a
> link?
> You can start at the program's homepage and then choose a mirror near
> you:
> Bart
> --
> dwars, studentenblad van de UA

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