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Hi Tini,

I have only just started the forums, so I have very few posts.

With the glossing forum, I am trying to come up with a standardized way of
glossing that can be successfully used with PUDL's translator.  Currently,
asl glossing is just something that people make up as they write. And with
standard glossing, the naming of the signs in the dictionary will become

If you visit PUDL's forum, you can view topics, reply to topics, and create
new topics.  But like I said, there isn't much going on yet.

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  Stefan Slevinski wrote:
  This will be my last email on glossing.  I am creating a forum on PUDL's
website to discuss the issue so that those who are interested can

  I am interested Stefan,

  I am doing a lot of glossing for my sign language hearing students, in
order , so they can write their own stories and also to learn more  ASL
  My translated poems,stories and songs are on the  web by Jerry Spilman  or poet or children to children.
  I have asked several times for opinions about the glossing  and  if my
alternate signs used for the translation is correct, but so far I have not
heard from anyone. I want to learn and perhaps this is my chance.
  I have opened the address above but I don't know what to do with it.
  I am not very literate in computer but I am slowly getting there, so I
need some help if you have time.
  With appreciation,
  L.I.F.E. ( Learning Is Fun Eh)
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