[sw-l] SWML Conversions?

Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Wed Dec 1 07:18:07 UTC 2004

Hi Stephen and list!

At the moment, I'm trying to build up my http://bsltext.org/ site, but
obviously this takes time away from adding signs to the Puddle BSL

I prefer using SW-Edit for working with, so I was wondering if it would be
possible to have a facility to upload signs to the Puddle dictionaries as

Would this be possible without endangering the integrity of the dictionary?

I could then write a program to convert the SWML from SW-Edit to SWML-S for

Part of the problem is how slow it is working with the Puddle dictionary
over an ordinary phone line (I'm too far from our local exchange to get
broadband). When I select aymbols in th buddle dictionary, once a list of
symbols has downloaded I still have to wait for some time while the browser
downloads many more items. I don't know wht these items are but I don't see
anything appearing at the display during this time.

Would it be possible to improve the dictionary to speed it up, especially by
removing these "invisible" downloads?

Surely I'm not the last person in the world with a slow connection?


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