[sw-l] deaf church

Brenda White philcoe.bjwhite at SASKTEL.NET
Sat Dec 4 18:52:26 UTC 2004

Yes... I am looking forward to contacting the church.  I will have to look for transportation, but I am sure something could be arranged.

I have seen many messages now... talking about FOXFIRE.  I have looked at the website.

If I download it... it only changes my mail correct?  It sounds easy to do, but I am guessing it cuts OE off completely.  I am wondering about using my fancy stationary that I've created for OE, if it works on FOXFIRE, along with other companies.  AND.. I couldn't find any answer to my question regarding FOXFIRE and other people's computers.

Had a problem with my fancy stationeries... it could not be read on those with NETSCAPE, only with OE.   If I have FOXFIRE,... and others do not..  can they still receive stationeries?

I would love to make some stationeries with signwriting.  I am enjoying the e-book on line.

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